How to Layer in the Summer – Dealing with Bipolar weather

Bipolar weather is nothing new. 

It’s very easy to catch yourself layering up before walking out the door in the morning…and before you know it, it’s hot as hell outside and you have way too many clothes on.

So I made a short list that outlines a few strategies that people could use to not only be prepared during bipolar weather conditions, but also to remain put together & in style.

1. The most effective way to deal with bipolar weather conditions is to make use of your layers as outfit accessories. For example, if you’re going out in the morning and you’re not sure whether or not it will get cold later on, you can put together a LIGHTWEIGHT ensemble (i.e. shorts and a t-shirt) and then layer it with a NEUTRAL pullover, sweater, or button-down by tying it around your waist. That way, you can wear patterns in your original outfit, and color-block it with a simple (neutral) piece that WILL NOT interfere with your outfit (and vice versa). If you get cold, you can wear the accessory. If it gets hot, you can tie it around your waist or use it as a pullover without wearing the sleeves. Pretty straightforward, but very easy to overlook.

2. In the summer, wear ALL LIGHTWEIGHT FABRICS. If you’re wearing clothes that aren’t heavy, they will be easier to work with if you want to take off or put something on. Whether or not it is windy makes a big difference in the clothing decisions that we make. Although the overall temperature may remain the same, it may be more or less windy. Therefore, wearing a number of lightweight fabrics will protect you from the wind, while preventing you from overheating. Heavy fabrics are harder to work with and are only effective in cooler climates.

3. Wear ALL lightweight fabrics, but carry around small, yet heavy accessories. Socks should not be neglected. It is perfectly okay to wear socks with sandals, as long as it is done tastefully and is true to your personal style. The same goes for hats, scarves, and whatever else you consider to be an accessory. Using accessories is beneficial because they are usually comfortable and small enough to take off & carry around if you feelhot.The key is to feel confident in your ensemble, while playing it safe in terms of abrupt weather changes.

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