How to wear over–sized Fall & Winter Outerwear

It is obvious that this style of outerwear is not for everyone, considering the fact that an over-sized piece of clothing can easily break an outfit if it is not paired well with the rest of your clothes. However, there are ways in which you can implement larger pieces, while still sustaining a balance in your ensemble. I have jotted down a couple of notes while doing some research and people watching. Hopefully this helps.

1. Wearing an over-sized coat will only look right if the rest of your outfit is fitted or tailored. In other words, true to your own size. Unless you’re going for the hobo chic (Mary-Kate & Ashley) or more of a tomboy look, it’s better to stick to fitted pieces while wearing an over-sized coat.

2.For petite frames, it’s easier to pull off over-sized jackets/coats that are dual-toned (or color-block). I can’t figure out why, but there’s something about color-block pieces that really makes your frame look structured and lean (in which case, you can probably wear something baggy with the coat).

3. Unless you’re extremely daring, it’s probably better to stick with neutral tones. A neutral tone is also a more efficient choice since you can pair it with more colors and styles.
4. I personally find that you can pair a large scarf over your coat as long as the rest of the outfit is fitted to your true size.

5. Cuffing your pants/jeans will elongate your legs and accentuate the frame of your over-sized coat. Even if you cuff pants that are baggy, it will be easy to pull them off with a large coat.

In terms of fashion, there really are no rules; hence, there are plenty of exceptions to the points I listed above. These are just some observations I made from a bunch of research about Fall Fashion Week 2013 and casual street style.

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